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Zhu Jia

1963, Beijing, China

Now work in

London, United Kingdom

Born in Beijing in 1963, Zhu Jia graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. He works and lives in London, U.K. As a pioneer of the practice of video art in China, Zhu Jia always tries to capture ordinary scenes through distinctive methods of practice. In his 1994 piece Forever, which has participated in several important exhibitions, Zhu attached a camera to the left wheel of a bicycle. The artist rode this bicycle over 10km around the city of Beijing, catching images of daily life through a truly unique perspective.

At OCAT shanghai, Zhu Jia's work was exhibited in the exhibition LANDSEASKY (2014) and Refocusing on the Medium: The Rise of East Asia Video Art (2020).

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Refocusing on the Medium: The Rise of East Asia Video Art

2020.12.27 - 2021.03.21 closed

The exhibition proposes a re-examination of the artists approach to the video medium rising from East Asia and contributes to the global history of video art as a transnational contemporary art medium.

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LANDSEASKY: Revisiting Spatiality in Video Art

2014.04.20 - 06.15 closed

OCAT Shanghai is proud to present LANDSEASKY: Revisiting Spatiality in Video Art, a group show bringing some of the most interesting and challenging video artworks from 17 international contemporary artists to 3 countries in a major Australia-Asia tour.

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