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Zhu Changquan

1989, Shandong, China

Now work in

Hangzhou, Shanghai, China

Zhu Changquan (b. 1989, Shandong, China) currently lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai, China. Zhu Changquan engages in artistic activities through analyzing everyday life. He attempts to reveal the rule of daily life based on a variety of potential factors which influence human’s daily behavior. He believes that the effectiveness of the image roots in its potential power rather than its general meanings. The potential power enables the viewers to release their accumulated experience and get involved in the giant social machinery more consciously. From Zhu Changquan’s perspective, the development of things never follows a single-linear narrative, thus "All-factor Narrative" marks the central notion of his video works. Zhu Changquan builds a new narrative relation between intangible image and tangible daily objects by means of different languages, such as drama, animation, installation, painting, and etc. 

In 2018, Zhu Changquan’s solo exhibition History of an Action was presented at OCAT Shanghai.  

In 2019, Zhu Changquan participated in OCAT Youth Project and his solo exhibition History of an Action was presented again at OCAT Shenzhen. 

In 2021, Zhu Changquan's work was exhibited in the exhibition The Circular Impact: Video Art 21 at OCAT Shanghai.

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