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Yi Lian

1987, Jiangxi, China

Now work in

Hangzhou, China

Yi Lian (b. 1987, Jiangxi, China) currently lives and works in Hangzhou, China. He graduated from the New Media Art Department of China Academy of Art in 2009 with B.A, obtained M.A from the School of Intermedia Art of China Academy of Art in 2012. Yi Lian is specialized in multimedia works including video, installation and photography and so on. He is good at reducing the depth of the space by controlling lights in the darkness, by which his works create a both realistic and abstract image. The figures in the image-human beings, plants or animals, are mostly removed or given certain attribute: social/desirable/natural. As a result, they are all involved in a causal movement in the time and space created by the artist. Yi Lian is good at expressing his perception towards relationships through the atmospheres he created, which is bright or dim, cool or warm.

In 2021, Yi Lian's work was exhibited in the exhibition The Circular Impact: Video Art 21 at OCAT Shanghai.

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The Circular Impact: Video Art 21

2021.04.28 - 07.11 closed

The exhibition curated by Dai Zhuoqun features a sample of Chinese video art since 2000, showing 21 artists whose primary medium of practice has been moving images, with works spanning 21 years from the beginning of the 21st century to the present.

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