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Yan jun

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, China

乐手,诗人。住在北京。从事表演性音乐、田野录音、实验作曲、即兴音乐和实验电子乐,以及相关的展览呈现。作品常被归类为“非音乐”。是微型厂牌“撒把芥末”创办人。FEN 乐队、茶博士乐队和即兴委员会成员。



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Boomerang: OCAT Biennale 2021

2021.12.19 - 2022.06.12 closed

“Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale” (since 1998) is renamed as “OCAT Biennale” at its ninth event in 2021.Themed “Boomerang”, this Biennale takes not only its name, but also its connotations, including movement principle, trajectory, and effect, referring symbolically to the current situation of the society featuring mutual influence and restraint, to the future that we can hardly hide away from, or a counterproductive result.

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2021.03.06 (Saturday) closed

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2022.04.17 (Sunday) closed

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