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Bao Jian


For Bao Jian, graduated from the Print-making department the China Academy of Fine Arts, there is no separation between independent animation, new media art and experimental film. This form of art is for him unique inasmuch as it is completely independent. Bao underlines the possibility animation allows to combine painting, plastic arts, music, movie and new media, through the artist’s capacity to control aesthetic and technological aspects; yet, what it mainly requires is above all the capacity to develop a mature and genuinely individual thinking. He stresses the experimental nature of his approach to animation, but in his works the narrative element, implying a precise philosophical attitude towards certain aspects of life, seems to prevail on the technical one. His animations make widespread use of print techniques learnt at school: the brilliant colors and different textures enhance the feeling of a fruitful isolation obtained through temporary escapes to worlds conceived and designed for private meditation.

In 2013, Bao Jian's work was exhibited in the exhibition The Garden of Forking Paths: Exploring Independent Animation at OCAT Shanghai. 

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The Garden of Forking Paths: Exploring Independent Animation

2013.05.03 - 07.28 closed

A large part of the exhibited works has been selected from the first Shenzhen Biennale of Independent Animation. OCAT Shanghai has added to the list other animation artists and placed their works within a critical and theoretical frame in which the city of Shanghai is a crucial crossroad of cultural experiences and a platform for international dialogue.

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