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Art World

Art Wold (Est. 1979) is a renowned Chinese contemporary art magazine, a media partner of Documenta, Kassel and the China Pavilion of the Venice Biennale. 

In 2017, Art World's work was exhibited in the exhibition Moments and + More documents of Culture Pavilion[wen hua guan] Online Art Project at OCAT Shanghai.

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Moments and More: Documents of Culture Pavilion [wén huà guǎn] Online Art Project

2017.04.16 - 05.28 closed

The exhibition is co-organized by OCAT Shanghai and the online art platform Culture Pavilion [wén huà guǎn], producing expansive offline presentations of the art practices occurring on social media, by which, the exhibition hope to open the discussions on the symbiotic relationships between art practices, app technology, online exhibitions and offline presentations.

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