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Anne Katrine Dolven

1953, Oslo, Norway

Now work in

Oslo and Lofoten, Norway

A K Dolven (b. 1953, Oslo, Norway) currently lives and works in Oslo and Lofoten, Norway. Her work alternates between the monumental and the minimal, the universal and the intimate, resonating with concepts and structures beyond the confines of any particular piece. Interpersonal relations and interactions are central to her practice, and many of her performance-based works involve collaborations with other people. Dolven has exhibited extensively internationally at a wide range of institutions and galleries, and her work is included in over thirty international private and public collections, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark, the Hoffmann Collection and Sammlung Goetz in Germany.

In 2019, A K Dolven's work was exhibited in the exhibition I Hear Your Dreams: Contemporary Art from Norway at OCAT Shanghai.

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I Hear Your Dreams: Contemporary Art from Norway

2019.07.07 - 09.08 closed

The exhibition presents seven works create by five leading contemporary Norwegian artists who are actively engaged on the international stage. These five artists share a certain commonality in the medium they adopt. The story that brings these artists' works together takes sound and time as its conduit and revolves around dreams, subconscious and memories.

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