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About OCAT

About OCAT

As an art institution supported by the state-owned enterprise OCT Group and established in 2005, OCAT officially became a registered, independent non-profit organization in April 2012, laying the foundation for a nationwide contemporary art museum group. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the museum group comprises OCAT Shenzhen, OCT Art & Design Gallery (Shenzhen), OCAT Shanghai, OCAT Xi’an, and OCAT Institute (Beijing), as well as satellite exhibition sites for project-based collaborations.

With independence, professionalism, and public service as its core values, OCAT aims to promote cross-platform exchanges between domestic and global contemporary art communities through exhibitions, research projects, academic exchanges, public education, publications, and international art residencies. It strives to establish a contemporary art operation system rooted in the domestic situation, and to develop into a non-governmental art institution with international standards and impact.

OCAT takes the research and display of contemporary visual art as its primary focus, and extends its activities to other fields such as experimental theater, music, film, design, and architecture. It not only emphasizes historical research related to Chinese modern and contemporary art, and academic exchanges on art history, theory, and criticism between China and abroad, but also drives the establishment of both the theory and system of Chinese contemporary art through continuous extensive communication with various global contemporary art communities. OCAT aspires to be an important representative of Chinese independent art.

Museum Profile

OCAT Shenzhen, founded in 2005, is the headquarters of OCAT Museums. As the museum group’s first site, OCAT Shenzhen is committed to practice and research in the fields of contemporary art and theory both inside China and in the international arena.

OCT Art & Design Gallery, founded in Shenzhen in 2008, is the first museum in China dedicated to the subject of design.

OCAT Shanghai, inaugurated in 2012, concentrates on media art and architectural design.

OCAT Xi’an, established in 2013, has a broad focus on contemporary art practice across disciplines.

OCAT Institute (Beijing), founded in 2015, is a non-profit research center dedicated to art history and related discourses. The institute mainly engages in publications, archives, and exhibitions. It also serves as the museum group’s exhibition platform in Beijing.


Independence, Professionalism, Public service


OCAT aspires to be an important representative of Chinese independent art.