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Boomerang: OCAT Biennale 2021

2021.12.13 - 2022.05.22 opens in 1 week

Exhibition Director: Feng Feng

Chief Curator: Feng Boyi

Co-curators: Han Xinyi, He Zhisen, Miao Zijin, Song Yi, Yan Jun, Yang Zi, Yu Miao, Zhong Gang, Zhou Wanjing, Zhou Yi & Dong Jing  

Duration:2021.12.13 - 2022.5.22

Venue:OCAT Shenzhen, OCT Art & Design Gallery 

Grown out of “Yearlong Contemporary Sculpture Exhibitions” held by He Xiangning Art Museum, “Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale” (since 1998) is renamed as “OCAT Biennale” at its ninth event in 2021.

Boomerang was originally a hunting weapon used by Australian aborigines. It flies back after it is thrown out, and the harder it was thrown, the faster it flies back. Themed “Boomerang”, this Biennale takes not only its name, but also its connotations, including movement principle, trajectory, and effect, referring symbolically to the current situation of the society featuring mutual influence and restraint, to the future that we can hardly hide away from, or a counterproductive result.

On April 16, 2021, "Boomerang-The Ninth OCAT Biennale" was officially launched. The first curatorial work meeting was held in Shenzhen OCAT Library by the organizer and the curatorial team. The overall curatorial concept of this exhibition is:

The chief curator puts forward a macro framework and invite joint curators, who accept and approve the chief curator’s framework. Under this premise, the joint curators initiate and finally launch their curatorial proposals that pointing to specific issues with certain inclination.The chief curator delegates power to each joint-curator, who will independently make decisions on the theme of each unit, the selection of artists, and the works to be exhibited, without interference. The chief curator is only responsible for coordination and balancing. The parallel and independent operating method suggests a hint of "combination" and "equal rights" of a temporary curatorial group, and also provides a platform for joint curators to discuss, communicate, play games and compete with each other. It is proposed with the attempt to getting rid of the working mode employed by past periodic exhibitions, under which the chief curator provides the curatorial concept, and the co-curators are responsible of implementation, execution and extension. This time, decentralization comes in to achieve the democratization of curation, in other words, we let "everybody speak out".


Opening Time

2021 12.12(Sunday)

Chief Curator


He Zhisen (Jason Ho), Han Xinyi, Miu Zijin, Song Yi, Yan jun, Yang Zi, Yu Miao, Zhong Gang, Zhou Yi + Dong Jing, Zhou Wanjing

Exhibition Director

Fang Yiling, Feng Feng


OCAT Shenzhen


OCT South China

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