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Fiction Art is a term for artists using literary fiction to engage in the practice of contemporary art. It is not a school of thought, but a name for an artistic phenomenon. This includes three scenarios. First is where the “fiction” written by the artist is itself a contemporary art creation (reducing the visual aspect to the bare minimum) that asks the viewer to use their own imagination to construct a visual world. The second is the “fiction” as an organic component of contemporary art which comes together with other forms of expression to construct an artwork mixing sound, vision and imagination. The third is the “fiction” as a text that is at once connected to and independent of the visual image. These three scenarios are sometimes intertwined in the artists’ creations. We have invited ten artists, Cao Shu, Chen Tong, Duan Jianyu, Feng Feng, Jiang Zhi, Jin Shan, Pu Yingwei, Qin Jin, Shi Zhenhao and Yang Yuanyuan, who all have experience writing “fiction,” and have all brought “fiction” into their artistic practice. We are attempting to explore the thinking behind the artist’s use of “fiction” as a form in their artistic practice. Why do they use a fictional world constructed of words to realize their contemporary art creations? What is the relationship between the literary “fiction” and the visual image? We will then probe the question of what “fiction art” truly is for.