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This exhibition, whose opening will feature a “Recital” dedicated by the participating poets and artists, will last to November 10th, 2019. As a follow-up of OCAT Shenzhen’s research project “Text and Visual” launched in 2018, it has invited Zhu Zhu, a poet, curator and art critic as the curator, and Fang Lihua, Li Rongwei and Wang Jinghan, a curatorial team from OCAT Shenzhen as the co-curators. It attempts to examine and explore the history of Chinese poets and artists’ associations and relations since the 1970s, the artists’ practices departed from poetry motifs as well as the poets’ practices in art. This exhibition is titled “Symbiosis”. In biology, the term “symbiosis” signifies that two things are involved in a many-layered relation giving rise to multiple consequences. When extended into a cultural context, this implies complex interactivity between poetry and art, along with a shared social background. The exhibition has invited 28 poets and artist to participate.